What is LiA - Reading in the Allgäu?

The Allgäu Reading Club is for young and old alike.
Turn up here and enjoy relaxed roundtable discussions about the latest book. 
We will alternate reading between Spanish, English and German. 

We don't read enough today.Through my work as a language trainer and tutor I am becoming more and more aware that today's children, youth and even adults are much quicker to pick up their mobile phone than to pick up a book. I think that this is a very sad development because reading can bring an unbelievable amount of joy and it prepares and stimulates our imagination. Reading also helps you to express yourself better and to become more adept in different situations. Of course, it is also incredibly helpful to read books in the language you are learning to increase your vocabulary and develop your understanding of the new grammar.

Therefore with the LiA Reading Club I would like to motivate people to read more often. It doesn't matter if you are interested in reading English, Spanish or German, here you will always find a list recommending which book to read next.

We will meet regularly and discuss the book we have read recently. In a comfortable circle we will share our thoughts and/or train our language skills. Do you have the same opinion as me that we should read more? If so, then sign up here. You can leave comments and suggestions for new or classic books in the forum. I look forward to interesting discussions in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

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