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Cooking Evening JAPAN

Would you like to get to know the LiA Club? Then contact us and come to the cooking evening.
We are looking forward to meeting you!


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  • Are you new in the Allgäu? Make new acquaintances, train languages and get to know foreign cultures.  
  • Are you from here? Feel like meeting new people, making contacts and speaking English, Spanish etc. in your spare time. 
  • We will keep you posted on what is going on in this area with our newsletters.
  • Participate in international cooking evenings to immerse yourself in other cultures and train your language skills at the same time.
  • You want an evening out? Join us and spend an evening at the theatre or cinema with people alike, have fun sledging, hiking and much more. 
  • We inform you about interesting facts from the Allgäu, its traditions and customs.
  • What's new in the world of languages? 
  • We motivate you to read more again with our reading club meetings. Not only German, but also English and Spanish reading is on the agenda.
  • Share your experiences in our forumask questions about your stay here in the Allgäu or organize carpooling to get to our events. No LiA Club membership is necessary. You can also just register in the forum to participate in the exchange of experiences. 
  • Give your employees the opportunity to find their way around the Allgäu more quickly or to train their language skills in a friendly and cosy atmosphere. 
  • All our joint activities focus on socializing, acceptance, languages and cultures. 

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If you have any questions about the club, please use our contact form and get in touch with us!

LiA is a club that offers you a variety of possibilities to meet-up with like-minded people. Anyone who is interested can learn languages and simultaneously get to know other people. You can exchange language skills or if you like, join our cinema and theatre evenings, become a member of the book club or take-part in general free-time activities. Here we offer something for everyone.

Paramount to LiA is the chance for cultural and language exchanges. For me, Eva-Maria, the founder of the language school LiA - Lernen im Allgäu, this lies especially close to my heart. It is my mission to bring people from different nationalities, backgrounds and age groups together and show you through group activities that our lives can be enhanced by shared experiences.

With the LiA-Club I would like to achieve my greatest wish. We live in a busy world but I believe we should take more time to consider and mutually help one another. Why not take time to simply cook together and with other people learn about cultural and food traditions?

Through my own experiences abroad, I know how difficult it can be as a foreigner in a new country to get to know local people, to cope with a different culture and learn a new language.

If you want to offer your employees a possibility to get the grips with the Allgäu culture with its numerous traditions and dialects more quickly or so that they can also use their language skills outside of work, then simply register with us as a company. 

My profile: you can find out more about the website operator and the owner of LiA here.



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